WebTrader platform Corsa Capital

A trading platform is a trader’s workplace creating conditions for successful trading on financial markets. A new web platform is innovative software from Corsa Capital which offers clients an opportunity to carry out options trading and track dynamic of financial instruments directly in your web browser without downloading an app installer. A new trading platform has the functionality available for standard desktop apps sharing the same analytical and trading possibilities.

Entering the forex market though the Corsa Capital web platform, our clients have easy access to intraday options, expiry options, and tick binary options.

Besides, the Corsa Capital web platform provides its clients with a user-friendly interface which contains a panel of real time currency quotes, options live feed, and archives of closed options. In the web platform, currency pairs are displayed on charts three ways: in lines, bars, and candlesticks. There is also a tick-by-tick chart which shows instantly updated quotes in real time.

The Corsa Capital web terminal is a trading platform which enables even newcomers on Forex to feel like professionals.