Video tutorials

We would like to introduce you to the Video tutorials section. These tutorials will provide you with detailed instructions on how to trade options. So you can get an insight of options trading principles enabling you to trade confidently and efficiently.

The goal of this project is to enhance professional skills and broaden relevant knowledge of Corsa Capital clients in trading Forex options. The section is being regularly updated with new videos to help you make sense of options trading.

Opening demo account

This video contains information on how to open a demo trading account with Corsa Capital. Demo account will enable you to use virtual deposit under conditions that closely resemble real financial movements. Thus, having opened a demo account with Corsa Capital, you will learn how to trade options with no risk.

Opening real account

The tutorial is devoted to the process of opening a real trading account with Corsa Capital. After completing all the registration steps, you will be able to set about real-time options trading, thus being a fully-fledged participant of the options market.

Buying option

From this video, you will learn about how to buy an option and what the mechanism of profit-making is. We will also provide you with an insight into how to determine an option’s terms that will be perfect for you. This tutorial is strongly recommended to be watched since information it covers is the cornerstone of options trading on Forex.

Trading Web-terminal

The Corsa Capital Web trading platform is always available to you, wherever you decide to open a deal. You do not have to install additional programs; all you need is Internet access. You can trade options, make technical analysis, as well as open and close deals that are under your round-the-clock control. To find out more details about the Web platform’s use and functions, watch the video.