Time zone

Corsa Capital dealing centre uses Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) 00. This time zone:

  • runs 4 hours ahead of New York time in summer and 5 hours – in winter;
  • coincides with London time in winter, but lags 1 hour behind it in summer;
  • is 4 hours behind Moscow time;
  • is 8 hours behind Tokyo time.

The time of all options at Corsa Capital dealing centre is UTC 00. This fact should be taken into account: time zone dependence is a tangible feature of online trading uniting market participants from the whole world.

Every trader needs to know how to properly determine a time zone, for most events on the international currency market such as opening and closing of local trading sessions and macroeconomic releases are strictly time-based. For option trading a time zone is particularly crucial, because one of the key conditions of making a contract is the date when it comes into effect and the expiration date.

If you have any questions about defining a time zone employed by Corsa Capital dealing centre, do not hesitate to apply to Corsa Capital support service, or simply find the appropriate forum thread.