Risk Warning

Before starting to trade we recommend you to read the risk warning statement contained in the Client’s Agreement of Corsa Capital. Only you can evaluate your financial soundness and level of professionalism in the area of trading. Therefore, you must completely acknowledge the risks and assume full responsibility for calculating and avoiding them.

1. The risk of damages while trading on the foreign exchange market may be significant and cause considerable financial losses. When the Client opens an account with Corsa Capital s/he acknowledges the existence of said risks and bears personal responsibility for monitoring and avoiding them.

2. The client acknowledges all risks that may occur due to incorrect software operation, problems with hardware that the Company owns when it is impossible to restore the latter, as well as other consequences of incorrect software configuration (internet browser, fire wall) that the client might have.

3. The Company is not responsible for damages caused by direct or indirect means by the limitations set by the government, foreign exchange or market regulations, trading stops, military actions or other events beyond the control of the Company.

4. Remote access trading can differ from trading on interbank market, as well as from trading via other trading systems. If the Client uses a remote access electronic trading system, s/he is exposed to risks connected with the electronic trading system operation, including potential problems with software.

5. In case of quoting errors, the Company reserves the right to make the necessary adjustments and settle any disputes at the time when the error occurs.

6. The client fully understands the risk of losses that may occur as a result of his/her transmitting confidential information for accessing the account. Corsa Capital under no circumstances will request confidential information for accessing the client’s account.

7. The client undertakes the risks of losses due to force majeure circumstances that may include such external factors as natural calamities, terrorist activities and other events that have irreversible effect.