Option trading

Option in English means making a choice. This name eloquently describes the main quality of option contracts: the trader possesses very broad potential for determining actual terms of a transaction to best suit his/her interests.

Option trading means working with contracts that bring fixed profit within strictly delimited risks determined by the trader him/herself. This is probably the main advantage of option trading compared to spot-trading on the currencies market during which the trader cannot be sure how much the rate of exchange will turn against his/her position.

Another advantage of option trading is the opportunity to earn profit from any fluctuations on the market, even the smallest changes in exchange rate. For some types of options that the Corsa Capital offers its clients, for a fixed-rate option an exchange rate fluctuation of 0.001% is enough to receive a profit. This is ten times smaller than the average intraday range of fluctuation on the foreign exchange market.

What is the profit mechanism in working with options? Let’s look at a simple example:

The current EUR/USD exchange rate is 1.3200.
You predict that at the closing of the day the EUR/USD exchange rate will decrease and buy an Intraday down option for $1000. If your prediction is right, the EUR/USD exchange price of your $1000 worth of options is increased by the profit margin, which in the case of this type of option equals 1.80, i.e., amounts to 1800 USD. In the given example, your net profit is $1800 - 1000= 800 USD.

Every option that Corsa Capital offers for purchase represents a contract (deal) with distinct conditions regarding the future exchange rate changes upon fulfillment of which the trader makes a profit equal to the option price multiplied by the profit margin. Each option type has its own profit margins that depend on the type of option and its parameters (except for up and down options which have a profit margin always equal to 1.80). All option parameters are determined by the trader in the trading section of our website and the option price is calculated by the automatized system after the trader places a request for an option purchase. This gives our clients the chance to know the extent of their risk ahead of time and make decisions about the option purchase or changes needed in the transaction conditions before the it is made.

Moreover, on the options market there are options which bring fixed yield, though they can be profitless as well. This type of forex options is called a binary option.

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