Live account opening

You need to accept Public offer terms (an Agreement on conversion arbitrage operations) before you open an account with Corsa Capital.

You don’t need to sign a Public offer because it has the same legal effect as signed agreement.

After an Agreement on conversion arbitrage operations has been accepted, you will need to fill in a registration form to open an account with Corsa Capital.

After filling out the registration forms you will need to deposit a sufficient amount of money into your trading account in the course of the next 30 days to use in trading transactions on your account. As soon as you have made a deposit into your trading account, it becomes active. Your trading account number and instructions for making deposits will be sent to the email address that you indicated in the registration form.

Public offer agreement Corsa Capital, Corp.
British Virgin Islands, Tortola, Road Town, Drake Chambers, P.O. Box 3321

Agreement on trading operations procedures

1. Corsa Capital, Corp., hereinafter referred to as the "Company" provides arbitrage transactions on foreign exchange market for individuals and legal entities, hereinafter referred to as the "Client" in the form and under conditions provided by the present agreement.

2. The Company and the Client understand that mutual rights and liabilities limited by the present agreement are based on exact and prompt implementation of the Client's requests. The Company does not advise the Client on any issues and is not capable of changing or affecting these decisions regarding the rights on the Client within the limits of the present agreement.

3. Full and unconditional compliance with conditions of the present agreement means that the Client takes the following actions:

a) registers and opens account with the Company via filling the form available on the internet at:

b) deposits money to this account during 30 days starting the day when account was opened.

4. The place of conclusion of the agreement is the place of incorporation of the Company.

The Company legal address is:

British Virgin Islands, Tortola, Road Town, Drake Chambers, P.O. Box 3321

The Company postal address is:

British Virgin Islands, Tortola, Road Town, Drake Chambers, P.O. Box 3321

5. Glossary.

Base currency - currency unit wherein the Client's account is nominated. All commissions, fees and payments are calculated in base currency.

Maturity of the option - the time when quotes of financial instrument are fixed in order to verify option terms completion.

Active option - the option that the Client has bought and that has not yet reached the maturity date.

Company - legal entity that provides conditions for making transactions and all the necessary payments for the Client according to the present Agreement.

Client - individual of full age or properly incorporated legal entity, that opens an account and makes arbitrage transaction described in the paragraph 8.

Completed option - option that has completed terms by maturity date.

Uncompleted option - option that does not have completed terms by maturity date.

Non-trade operations - money deposit and withdrawal from the account requested by the Client.

Option - arbitrage transaction with fixed maturity and prices for transaction completion that the Client makes via operations with personal account in trading system.

Sub account - special personal account used for internal records that displays mutual liabilities between the Company and the Client that arise from the Client's trade and non-trade operations.

Trading system - a combination of means of access to the Client's account that allows making arbitrage transactions. Trading system constitutes the Client's personal page on the Company's website.

Trading instruments - currency pairs and other contracts that are available for making transactions.

Trading operations - arbitrage transactions made according to the paragraph 6.

Option terms - sequence of events that lead to option completion. The sequence and comparison of the events required for option completion is determined by the Client according to the paragraph 6.

6. Principles of arbitrage transactions with financial instruments.

6.1. Those Clients who have an electronic access are capable of making operations to purchase options available in trading system.

6.2. Option terms for every particular option are effective until maturity date and can not be changed.

6.3. Results of option completion can be reconsidered in favor of the Company or the Client if non-market quotes, technical problems or other force majeure circumstances are observed.

6.4. The Client can not delete an active option if such action is not foreseen by the option terms.

7. All transactions made using the Client's personal data (login, password) from his account are unconditionally considered made by account owner.

8. Using personal account, the Client can make arbitrage transactions via purchase of relevant options available in the Clients' section of the corporate web site.

9. Procedures required to open an account.

9.1. The Client fills in the registration form available at:

9.2. The Client deposits money to his account within 30 calendar days starting the date when account was opened. If no deposit was made by the end of the mentioned period the Company reserves the right to close the Client's account without prior notification.

9.3. The Client can make arbitrage transactions right after deposit was transferred to the account.

9.4. Base currency is USD.

10. Rights and responsibilities of the Client and the Company.

10.1. The Client is aware and agrees that the Company is not responsible for the Client's actions or failure to act in making arbitrage transactions from his personal account.

10.2. The Client bears personal responsibility for his trading account and confirms that the following statement is effective for all period of relationship between the Client and the Company, provided by the present agreement.

10.3. The Company is not responsible for the Client's money transfers that do not reach the Company's account.

10.4. The Company reserves the right to change or modify the present agreement, with prior notification of the Client 5 days in advance before changes become effective via means of communication according to the paragraph 11.

10.5. The present rights of the Company are long lasting subject that entirely remains in force and will be effective until receipt of written notification of agreement cancellation and account closing submitted by the Client.

10.6. In case of disputes regarding account balance, the parties consider notes on account operations printed out from the data available from the Company database.

10.7. The Client is aware of the fact that any market recommendations or other information regarding arbitrage transactions with financial instruments, provided to the Client by the Company or representatives of the Company, have exceptionally informational purpose and by no means indicate required action to make transactions.

10.8. The Client guarantees that:

- he is of sound mind, is not under distress or restrain, full age and financially sound;

- he is capable of working on financial markets and has the necessary qualification;

- all personal information provided to the Company is full, correct and valid; all changes in this data should be submitted to the Company immediately;

- accounts (bank accounts or special accounts provided by electronic payment systems) that the Client uses for payments belong to him, and money on these accounts have legal origin.

10.9. In case of death of one or several owners of the account, the Company should get a written notification with attached copy of certificate of death.

11. Means of communication.

11.1. Main means of communication are:

a) news page available at:

b) e-mail address, indicated when opening an account; c) phone number, indicated when opening an account;

11.2. Any notification sent via means of communication indicated in paragraph 11.1.a and 11.1.b, is considered received by the Client at the end of 1 day after notification was sent.

12. Risk exposure notification.

12.1. Risk of trading on foreign exchange market may be rather big and may cause considerable financial losses. When the Client opens an account with Corsa capital he acknowledges the risks and bears personal responsibility of risk monitoring and minimization.

12.2. The Client understands all risks that may occur due to incorrect software operation, problems with hardware that the Company owns when it is impossible to restore the latter, as well as other consequences of wrong software set up (internet browser, fire wall) that the Client might have.

12.3. The Company is not responsible for losses caused by direct or indirect limitations set by the state, foreign exchange or market regulations, trading stops, military actions or other events out of control of the Company.

12.4. Remote access trading can differ from trading on interbank market, as well as from trading via other trading systems. If the Client uses electronic trading system, he is exposed to risks connected with electronic trading system operation, including potential problems with software.

12.5. In case of errors in quoting, the Company reserves the right to make the necessary adjustments and settle disputes when the error occurs.

12.6. This risk exposure notification does not cover all possible risks of conversion arbitrage transactions on financial markets.

13. Procedures for consideration of claims and disputes.

13.1. Parties try to settle all disputes via negotiations, providing the necessary basis for making claims.

13.2. All issues related to making quotes of financial instruments are the sole right of the Company; all references that the Client makes to the other trading and information systems are not relevant.

13.3. All claims that follow from the present agreement are accepted by the Company only in writing no later than 3 calendar days from the day when dispute arose.

13.4. The time to consider the claim of the Client's does not exceed 10 working days.
Corsa Capital, Corp.