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14.04.2021 15:16 - 39 minutes ago

*Swiss Franc Edges Down To 0.9226 Against Dollar

14.04.2021 15:16 - 39 minutes ago

*Swiss Franc Drops To 118.04 Against Yen

14.04.2021 15:09 - 46 minutes ago

South Africa Retail Sales Grow In February

14.04.2021 15:00 - 55 minutes ago

UK Labor Productivity Declines In Q4

14.04.2021 14:53 - 1 hours 2 minutes ago

*UK Q4 Labor Productivity Falls 0.7% On Year Vs. +4.0% In Q3

14.04.2021 14:22 - 1 hours 33 minutes ago

Eurozone Industrial Production Falls Less Than Expected

14.04.2021 14:15 - 1 hours 40 minutes ago

Gold Slips As Yields Rebound From Three-week Low

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