Our benefits

Corsa Capital strives always to provide our clients with the most competitive conditions for operation. The main focus in developing the quality of our services is creating the most comfortable and efficient trading technologies.

Thanks to our options trading mechanism, our clients never encounter such problems as “dealer resistance” where the trader becomes hostage to the human factor. All processes of purchasing and selling options are fully automated, making trading truly independent from external factors.

The critical difference between options and spot trading is the opportunity to perform operations with complex conditions for transactions as opposed to spot trading where all trading operations eventually fall into two types of transactions: purchase and sale of foreign currency. Working with options allows each trader to fully implement the strategy that was made possible thanks to the high qualification of our specialists who have produced a full hedging system for client trading operations .

Along with organizing the trading process, Corsa Capital provides revolutionary new FOREX contract specifications that include:

Minimal deposit 1 USD

Corsa Capital allows traders to execute transactions from 1 dollar which provides for a maximum risk management strategy. The lack of any arbitrary restrictions on the minimum amount of a transaction is intended to make our terms attractive for both large investors and novice traders.

Interest rate 12% for ALL accounts

At any moment there is an amount on a trader account not involved in trading. Every day statistics on free funds on each trade account are gathered, and at the end of each month 1% from the average amount not involved in trading operations during a month is credited to the account. Thanks to this, Corsa Capital clients’ assets are protected from inflation risks, providing really convenient terms for operations with trading accounts.

NO comission and NO spreads

Unlike spot trading, options trading provides for work with transactions the specifications of which do not include any commissions or spreads. A trader makes a transaction with a fixed price without paying a spread and commission. Currency options proposed by Corsa Capital Internet Broker are the only type of transactions that avoids both spreads and commissions.

No slippages

Each option contract is made under an exact price, available in the public listings archive. You fully control all transaction prices and can always verify them in the public information source, which is the Corsa Capital listings archive.

NO swaps and roll-overs

Traders making option transactions pay no rollover charges (swaps). This helps to avoid losses under medium-term and long-term contracts. Traders making transactions through Corsa Capital do not need to adjust them with allowance for swaps regardless of transactions terms and duration.

Becoming profit from 1-pip price change

For all types of contracts provided by Corsa Capital Forex Broker, a rate change of 1 point compared to the set value is sufficient to make a profit. A complete lack of slipping and spreads enable a profit to be made from a 1-pip rate change.

Traders working through Corsa Capital make a profit through correct rate forecasting regardless of how strongly the price changed in their favor.

Online economic analytics

New and timely analytics of financial markets is available on the company’s corporate website. News and comment of leading financial markets analysts can assist in making commercial decisions and evaluating the general situation according to fundamental and technical analysis. The analytics section of corsaforex.com also includes a section of single-line news where you can follow economic indexes, and an economic calendar to help you keep track of events.

All these qualities enable us to claim that Corsa Capital trading conditions provide some of the broadest opportunities in Internet trading.