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Following Forex News, traders constantly keep abreast of an economic situation of any country. Depending on announcements or speeches made, currency exchange rates are always changing so traders make various deals on the market and earn on differences of exchange rates.
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15.04.2021 09:37 - 7 minutes ago

Indonesia Trade Surplus Increases In March

15.04.2021 05:55 - 3 hours 49 minutes ago

Australia Jobless Rate Sinks To 5.6% In March

15.04.2021 05:40 - 4 hours 4 minutes ago

Australia Unemployment Rate Falls To 5.6% In March

15.04.2021 05:31 - 4 hours 13 minutes ago

*Australia Unemployment Rate 5.6% In March; 70,700 Jobs Added

15.04.2021 02:53 - 6 hours 51 minutes ago

New Zealand Food Prices Rise 0.5% On Year In March

15.04.2021 02:48 - 6 hours 56 minutes ago

*New Zealand Food Prices +0.5% On Year In March

15.04.2021 02:00 - 7 hours 44 minutes ago

Australia Unemployment Data Due On Thursday

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