Questions regarding financial topics

How do I deposit money in my account and take money out?

You can make a deposit into your account by Qiwi Wallet electronic payment systems and also by bank transfer. You can withdraw money using Qiwi Wallet, Skrill.

How long do deposits and withdrawals take?

Electronic payment systems transactions are instantaneous. Bank transfers take 3-5 days.
Withdrawal to the electronic payment system account is carried out within 5 working days after your request is sent.

How can I withdraw the money if I deposited using different payment systems?

Withdrawal from a trading account is possible only through the same payment system, account in the payment system and the currency which a deposit was made in. In case a trading account was replenished via various systems, from different accounts or in several currencies, withdrawals must be requested proportionally.

Questions regarding conditions of trade

What is an option?

An option is a type of arbitrage transaction with certain conditions concerning the future behavior in the exchange rates of a currency pair, upon fulfillment of such conditions, the trader earns a profit.

What time zone is used in Corsa Capital trading system?

UTC 00.

What is the minimum price of an option I can buy?

You can buy options worth no less than 0,1 US dollar.

What options have the biggest profit margins?

The profit margin can amount to more than ten times for an option, except for increase and decrease futures – the profit margin for these is fixed at 1.80.

How can I sell intraday expiration increase options before the effectiveness actually begins?

Any intraday option whose term is not yet effective can be sold pre-term if the trader considers that market conditions are changing.

What is the leverage (margin) for my trading account?

Since options have a fixed price the need for a credit “shoulder” during marginal foreign exchange trading disappears. You can earn profit commensurate with your investments without a credit “shoulder.”

What time can I make trading transactions on my account?

You can perform trading operations starting 00:00 UTC-00 on Monday up to 20:00 UTC-00 on Friday. Trading on CRSIDX index is conducted 24/7.

Are there any special commissions that can be deducted from my trading account?

None. All the company’s possible requirements for providing tax on transactions are included in option indexes.

Why is an option considered losing in case the price is unchanged (activation price and closing price are equal)?

In case activation and closing prices of an option are equal, this option is considered losing because the selected condition of the price either rising or falling was not met.

What is CRSIDX? ?

CRSIDX is a symbol of randomly generated index by Corsa Capital which allows clients to trade even at weekends. This index does not depend on clients' deals and at present it enables to exercise binary call and put options including intraday and spot options.
You have to keep in mind that trading this instrument you will not be able to check the accuracy of the rate as it is generated by the software of the company in a random way, however the history of CRSIDX rates is available at the "Quotation archive" page on corsaforex.com

Questions regarding trading on the foreign exchange market.

What causes a currency pair to rise or fall?

Two major factors cause foreign exchange rate fluctuations: fundamental and technical. Each factor has a fundamental and technical analysis that enables predictions for currency exchange rate changes.

Is there any time of the day when foreign exchange fluctuations are notably greater?

The most considerable changes occur during European and American sessions when major market players are on the trading floor, especially in London and New York. This is e between 12:00 and 22:00 Moscow time.

Are there any statutory holidays when the market is closed?

Yes, there are, but unlike capital markets there only a couple: Christmas and New Year.