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Trading on the currency market cannot be full without high-quality and fresh analysis. Forex analytics presents a large amount of information as well as accurate and detailed analysis of the market, prepared by experts. The information is published in a real time mode that allows traders to keep abreast of changes on Forex.
Using the Analysis section on a regular basis, you will be able to determine the best entry and exit points. Moreover, a user-friendly interface allows you to choose articles devoted to a needed financial instrument published by a particular expert.
Reading analytical reviews, you increase your chances of successful trading on Forex.

Technical analysis of AUD/USD for September 23, 2020

Mourad El Keddani
23.09.2020 08:44 - 19 minutes ago
On one-hour chart, the AUD/USD pair is continuing in a bearish market from the resistance levels of 0.7203 and...

Trading plan for the EUR/USD pair on September 23

Mihail Makarov
23.09.2020 08:43 - 20 minutes ago
A further drop in the euro remains uncertain....

Trading recommendations for GBPUSD pair on September 23

Vladislav Tukhmenev
23.09.2020 08:08 - 55 minutes ago
Is the market preparing for a new collapse or do we have a high degree of emotional distress? All the details ...

EUR/USD: US approves long-awaited government spending bill. Outlook is bleak for the European currency.

Pavel Vlasov
23.09.2020 08:07 - 57 minutes ago
The US government has finally agreed on the bill for government spending, extending the funding levels of prog...

Fractal analysis for major currency pairs on September 23

Aleksey Almazov
23.09.2020 07:28 - 1 hours 35 minutes ago
According to the results, the decline for the euro/dollar pair is expected after the breakdown of 1.1674, with...

Indicator analysis. Daily review on GBP / USD for September 23, 2020

Sergey Belyaev
23.09.2020 07:16 - 1 hours 48 minutes ago
The pair traded downward on Tuesday and tested 1.2721 - a 61.8% pullback level (red dotted line). Today, the p...

GBP/USD: plan for the European session on September 23. COT reports. Excellent entry points for pound buyers and sellers. Bank of England threatens with negative rates

Maxim Magdalinin
23.09.2020 07:03 - 2 hours 1 minutes ago
Some pretty good signals to enter the market appeared yesterday, especially in the afternoon. And if we missed...

EUR/USD: plan for the European session on September 23. COT reports. Yesterday was enough for both buyers and sellers. Euro will continue to fall due to weak PMI reports

Maxim Magdalinin
23.09.2020 07:02 - 2 hours 2 minutes ago
There were quite a lot of signals to enter the market yesterday, which I paid special attention to in my after...

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