Affiliate Programs

Corsa Capital constantly increases its client network and strives to provide the most beneficial conditions not only to traders, but also to our partners.

The Affiliate Program at Corsa Capital offers a no-risk and beneficial way to earn profits from productive work online. The essence of the Affiliate Program is that each member receives a unique link to the Corsa Capital website. Upon linking to the website, a record is made in the cookies section of the client’s internet browser. Thanks to this technology, each client that reaches our web site via your link and opens an account within the next half-year period becomes your referral.

Main advantages of the Affiliate Program:

5% commission on the amount of every trade;
Complete statistics of the referrals and registrations based of links;
Instantaneous transfer of commissions directly into the trading accounts of Affiliate Program participants.

Description of operating procedures.

If, for example, you referred 10 real trading clients and each of them executes two orders a day for $100 your monthly income will be:
$100 x 2 x 10 x 5% x (number of working days in the month) = $2200

If you own a website or you want to become a regional partner of the Corsa Capital, fill in the registration form and start earning money with our company.

If you have any question regarding participation in the program or you would like a personally approach to your web site, please contract our Affiliate Program department via email:

Types of affiliate programs

You can select one of three types of Corsa Capital affiliate programs:

MINI program – offline partner

Distribution of information about our company through friends or by any other means.

By recommending Corsa Capital as your internet-broker you become our partner and receive a commission fee from each trade completed by a client you have attracted. To identify a trader who has opened a real account as your referral, you need to provide us with his name and trade account number within 10 days from the date the client opened a real trade account; then this client will be registered as your referral and will bring you a profit from each trade he makes.

MIDI program – web-partner

Distribution of information about our company over the Internet via own web-site or by any other means.

Clients are referred via a reference link that you receive after registration for the affiliate program. Each visitor to the company site, who reached it through your affiliate link and opened a real trading account within 6 months, becomes your referral and brings you a profit from each order he executes.

MAX program – representation.

The company’s regional representatives can expect the half of the income of broker services given by Corsa Capital Company in their region.

While executing the mission of new clients searching and consulting on the trading accounts issues, the representations gain noticeable income, which increases constantly and doesn’t depend on time and some outer factors and is directly proportional to the effectiveness of their work. The cooperation with Corsa Capital provides with pure partnership conditions and clear principals of work. Becoming a partner today, you won’t gain momentary income, but you are sure to have stable return from the deposited means on the first partnership stages. You can send an e-mail to with partnership offers within the boundaries of MAX-representation program.