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Corsa Capital offers an innovative money-making technology in the field of financial trading - binary stock options.

Binary options trading is considered to be one of the fastest growing trading products. To trade, simply choose an asset that you wish to invest in: shares, stock indexes, commodities, or forex. Despite their intricate name, binary options are designed to make the trading process as simple as possible. Learning to trade binary options requires little to no prior knowledge since it depends on one thing – a price change.  You should simply decide with the direction you think the market price will go, either up or down. Moreover, this instrument involves minimal risk. In case your prediction is correct, you will get maximum profit. In case you fail to predict the price move, you will get no profit.
Shares are the securities that enable a trader to count on a part of the company’s assets and, consequently, revenues.
Stock binary options are instruments providing traders with an opportunity to capitalize on shares with no need to buy them physically. A buyer of binary options can cash in on a stock price as well as on a share’s rise or fall. The condition of the increase or decline in the stock price is applied for a limited period of time which is actually binary option’s validity period.
Various market entry opportunities and high profits turn binary options into an advantageous instrument for a trader. If you compare buying or selling physical shares in a hope for profit from a change in price, binary options are far more attractive.

Below are some examples:

binary stock option can be bought for $25, while the stock cost starts from $10,000;

an option is bought for a short period of time – 15 minutes, a day or two, a week or month – depending on your preferences. To start receiving dividends, you need to hold shares for 6 months to 10 years;

you can expect about 70% of profit from a stock option in 15 minutes. Within a day, you can buy a dozen of binary options and make 700% profit. Just imagine that it is only for one day!  Buying shares of different global companies, you would get 20% per annum in the best-case scenario;

options are available for everyone round the clock. In the meantime, it is more difficult to buy physical shares.

After considering a bulk of advantages of stock binary options, you will opt for this particular type of instrument, rather than directly buying and selling shares. For example, it is easier to forecast whether a stock price would rise or fall at a given time period, rather than to predict when the price would reach the desired level. With live stock trading, it is also necessary to carry out complex and time-consuming analysis. On the contrary, binary options trading does not require too much analysis. It is enough for stock price to slightly rise or fall for a binary option to become in-the-money and end with up to 85% profit.

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