About company

Corsa Capital provides private and institutional investors with Internet trading services in financial markets. The main focus of our activity is access to the FOREX international foreign currency exchange market.

Corsa Capital was founded in 2007 by a group of professional traders in the foreign currency exchange market. After extensive consultations and analytic market research in the brokerage services market the decision was made to open a dealing center that could satisfy the vast demand for option trading. We offer our clients the ability to make arbitrage transactions on FOREX by purchasing fixed maturity option contracts, one of the most advanced technologies in foreign exchange dealing today.

Traders who choose us as a broker acquire the potential to minimize their risk, one of the most important tasks when working in the high-profit and considerably risky foreign exchange market. Our traders personally set the profit and risk limits that will never be exceeded.

Traders who have chosen us as a broker get an opportunity to minimize their risks which appears to be one of the most important tasks when working on high profit and considerably risky foreign exchange market. Our traders personally determine the level of their profit and risks that they will never exceed.

Providing this high quality new technology for operating on the foreign currency exchange market, Corsa Capital strives always to meet the level of current standards for client service in internet trading. Client accounts are set up to work in a way that maximizes the speed of shared payments and professionally trained specialists in our consulting center are always willing to provide complete technical support from monday to friday from 7 to 16 (UTC+00).

Today many novice traders as well as experienced market players in the foreign currency exchange market use the services of Corsa Capital because both realize the justification in utilizing efficient trading solutions that enable extracting a profit from currency fluctuations with minimal risks.

We take an interest in our clients’ success in performing currency trading operations and for this reason we depend on long term and genuine cooperation with each trader. To fully evaluate the benefits we offer, you need only to open a trading account to become convinced of the high level and quality of our work.