Desktop Client Cabinet

Now you do not need to visit the website to manage your account. Thanks to the latest technical innovations, Client Cabinet can be placed right on the desktop. We offer you a specially developed program showing all the information about trades. Monitor money flows, check your balance, analyze the history of your deals, change your personal data, – in other words, do everything you did on the website. In addition, every user of the program can enjoy options trading and see the statistics right in Client Cabinet. The compact widget will not take much of your PC memory. The program is updated online. The window of the program can be easily dragged to any part of your screen. Since it is very user-friendly, you will hardly be puzzled by questions while working. Try it and you will see it is exactly what you need.
This program is very advantageous. First and foremost, it is time-saving. There is no more need to go to the website every now and then as your Client Cabinet is open right in front of you.
You can download this program straight away to be able to check out its advantages yourself in a split second.

CorsaCabinet Desktop (2.64 Mb)

CorsaCabinet Desktop (zip) (1.71 Mb)